Thursday, November 5, 2009

I wanted to post on my blog tonight but realized that I had let the day slip away and not taken a single picture. Nada. Zip. Nothing! I do have this photo I have been saving of a Luna moth. For years when I was growing up in Pennsylvania, I collected and studied butterflies and moths. Always on the lookout for the elusive Luna, I finished growing up, married and left home and moved west where I do not think Lunas even live. I gave up hope of ever seeing one in the wild. Once early in the 1980's or late 70's; I went home for one of my last visits ( while everyone was still alive back there in PA ) and there on a wall in broad daylight in Peddler's Village in Lahaska, PA was my white whale ... the Luna Moth. Glorious in the most subtle shade of barely hinted at mint green. Sleepy in the daylight hours, this beauty I had searched years for, did not even move, not so much as a twitch of feathered antennae. Years later I still remember that moth and my victory in seeing him, a gift from the heavens when I least expected it. What is your Luna story?

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