Friday, October 16, 2009

Glorious Fall!

This is the tree that started it all - my travels around home snapping pictures of fall's beauty on what may be the last sunny morning in a while. Mr. Spicklemeyer's tree across the street from my house is so pretty in these petticoats of redorangegold. Isn't the name Spicklemeyer so perfect for a neighbor's name? It sounds as if it is off a 1950's television show or a 40's novel. This day, in all its rain and wind is still pretty and especially so with the colored leaves flying upon the wind's breath!

My sweet little plum tree in all its splendorous fall color. It always manages an autumn show even though it makes only a flower or two in the spring and no plums in the summer. My reward is waiting for this time of the year when it can burst forth in its beauty and fill my soul with autumn's warmth.

A leaf covered small hillside along the Chimacum Valley Road. We were stuck at a work zone and even though it was raining; I could not resist leaning out of the car window and snapping this picture.

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