Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birds, I love them. To me they are like the beads of the animal world. Tiny jeweled treasures that decorate both sky and earth and sing to embrace the heart. This is a close up of the newest bird in my home,one of the songbirds in my new piece of artwork. I draw birds often and still need to work at capturing them onto paper. Oh, I can make it look like a bird but the life, the song is missing.

This is a full view of the new iron screen that we bought from Gunter Remnitz at his studio during October's open studio weekend in Port Townsend. Even though I would like to have gone to other studios; it just makes me feel so on the spot. I have no idea why I feel this way. Certainly not in my own studio which is my refuge in a harried, crazy, sometimes maddening world. I always march to my own drummer so I guess if my studio became a part of the big open studio weekend... I would feel compromised. Anyhow, it was as always more than terrific to see Gunter's new work and naturally, I forgot my camera. I have shown some of his pieces of crows, owls and roosters on the blog before but this piece is new and is songbirds. He is also working on little 3D songbirds. I love this piece and even though it was a big splurge in the slow economic times; it is a pleaseure to support an artist whose work brings me such joy.

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Elaine said...

Absolutely gorgeous!