Monday, October 19, 2009

As always, there are many projects going on in the studio and these are just a couple. I sometimes feel like I have so much to do but then I realize that a lot of the to do's are from my own head. I love working in the studio and wish I could just squeeze more hours into my day. I want to do it all, paint, craft, bead, silversmith, journal, read and everything! Yep, I need a longer day!

I pulled this guy's name from the classifieds of the Port Townsend Leader, his name was Tony and I asked him to build this table. It is built of wood that he milled himself from his own land. Nice and solid, well built, it will be a good addition to the shop. I am of course, painting it many colors before I settle down and paint the top the " must display beads on white " color.

Working on a few new drawings with a touch of total abstraction in their imaging. They are far from being completed but I like going over to the drawing table and putting a couple of paint strokes on them. It is like a release of energy for me; an ahhhh moment.

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