Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The October display window for my shops is in and celebrates that October is National Breast Cancer Month. Women need to get mammograms at 40 and over, YEARLY ladies and even men can get breast cancer. I had fun gathering pink things to put in the display. Bras, sunglasses, pink yarns, pink beads, and I even knitted a scarf for my mannequin! It is about the only thing I have had time to knit! A very miniature scarf!

The yarn shop part of the display window on Water Street. It features the crocheted bodacious ta-tas that Cathy P made. I debated wether to display them or not as Phil said maybe customers would be offended as the breasts had nipples! Can you imagine crocheting nipples on boobs? What will we think of next? Butter on bread?!

One of the two glass cubes in my front display window. This little bra needed help and had to be " filled out " or rather in. I swear the color pink has always made me happy just to look at it.

This was an interesting bra to work with and display. It was very pretty and the cups were so padded that they stood up on their own. I didn't need to stuff them with tissue!

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