Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The fabulous weekend bead show banner created in one hour in a hotel room with the effervescent Lisa my creative muse and co conspirator!

The Northwest Bead Society show was a blast. We had so much fun seeing friends and eating great meals with Lisa that I almost did not want the weekend to end! The best part was the fun I had with Lisa of Zizzyzaza Beads. I had forgotten to pack any banners for my booth, I can not begin to tell you where my head was; so we walked across the street to the fabric store and spent $22 buying stuff so I could make a banner. Then I told her Huckleberry Finn style, how much fun she would have helping me make this banner.... and presto, an hour later this beautiful piece of artwork was finished! HAHA - it was was 2 art students putting all their education to great use! How you may ask, did we get all those sequins and paillettes on the banner in just the right places? We shook them up in our hands, threw them across the banner and glued them where they landed! Sparkles are us!

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Elaine said...

Kudos for the great improv, I love it!