Thursday, September 17, 2009

Andrea's birthday dinner at Lanza's Ristorante

These party pictures do not exactly appear in the order that I wish they did so like my life, it is a bit disjointed and tells a story here and there. Anyhow, this is Sally, Andrea's stepmom, with a laugh of redemption after she wondered when I might be turning 50!! HAHA - I am already there and a bit beyond at that! Why did she have to redeem herself? Because she bought a bead ( A BEAD!!! ) at another ( another!! ) store in PT as a gift for Andrea! Can you believe it? I will be teasing her about this for a very long time....

How does this fabulous meal look? Make you feel a bit hungry? It was so full of flavor and texture and I enjoyed every bite of it in celebration of Andrea's 48th birthday! Happy Birthday, Andrea & many more!

A portrait of Andrea and her stash of birthday loot!

This single flower stem was in a vase on our dinner table at Lanza's and it was so pretty in a true scarlet with radiating lines of yellow from the center. It sat right in front of me and I was hypnotized by it!

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