Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flowers from Sam, Sue and Lisa! sam picked them out and thought they would match my house. Nice and bright and they do match. I love flowers and think these are spectacular. Fuschia is such a rich, deep color.

Before our journey into Seattle began this bug in all its black and white splendor was found on a tire at a friend's local farm.It was quite large, slow moving and the head appeared top heavy with those big long antenna! I found out that it is an alder borer beetle
found on the west coast from California to Alaska. Funny, I have not really seen them before. Maybe they are noticeable because it has been so dry around here. Pretty though.

How did I miss Friday? I went to the gem show in Seattle ( awful selection - no vendors really ! ),walked around had a sweet lunch at Racha Thai and then headed for the ferry home. The boat was running 25 minutes late and by the time we were settled on it; I had to take a little snooze! I was just beat! Tonight, I am heading into the shop to actually work WITH THE PUBLIC for two hours. It will be my first time back in the shop dealing with customers, which I do love, for over 2 weeks! We'll see how it goes but I am kind of excited at the prospect.

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