Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This day has fooled me. When I woke up at an unearthly hour of 6:30 am, the day had dawned cool, misty and foggy. I could hear the fog horns on the water through the open bedroom windows. I thought it was marvelous but now, it is warm and sunny and my inspirational day of fog and mist is gone!

When we were in Tacoma, we stopped into the Washington State History museum and went to the top floor where an exhibit on women's voting rights was installed. It is just a shock to read that men thought that giving women the right to vote would destroy our government among other dire warnings! I think we as women, need to remind our younger sisters that women were not and perhaps not even now; afforded the same rights as men. Today we have wage disparity and even in my own working environment: I find myself not treated equally with the men I work with. We must not take women's rights for granted, remember the history of these hard won rights and work to ensure that these rights are kept equal among the sexes in the US. That is enough on my soap box for now but it has only been in recent weeks that this unequal treatment has been brought home to me. Just when I thought that such treatment was old, old news!

Well, I am off for a few more hours to work in the studio. xo, Lois

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