Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sally Ally is looking so sweet and innocent here as she peeks out the cat door of the newly painted cat house. Love those colors for certain. I say she is innocent because the minute she sweetly looks at you and you being the naive fool that you are, reach and pet her, chomp, you get a Sally love nibble. Ouch!

Spent the entire day packing for the Puget Sound Bead Festival. I wish there were little fairies that would enter into my warehouse and carefully choose merchandise and gently pack it into totes. Man it just plain wore me out. I worked from 8:15 this morning to just a little bit ago. We even had to have chinese takeout for dinner. Just too tired to cook. All three of us worked on getting ready for the show. Anyhow, I am feeling a bit burry eyed here so off to bed with me. G'night!

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