Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm off!

This is the day. The work has to be done, the shipping accomplished, the suitcase packed, the goodbyes said. I am leaving today for a flight to Milwaukee tomorrow. ( Only someone who is living here knows what I mean by that statement! With the Hood Canal Bridge out - it is a very LONG journey to Seattle. ) I am excited, full of anxiety, hope and prayers for a safe journey. I may be able to blog from the road but I am not taking my laptop. When I am in a hotel room after a long work day; I like to use the time to draw, knit and veg ( make like a vegetable ) in front of the TV. I consider those evenings soul comforting and creative time. No interruptions. No tenants, no work issues, no preteens playing video games, no dog to be fed, garden to be watered, no chores calling me.

So wish me luck and a good show, a safe trip and I will bring back and post lots of pictures! Happy Trails!

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