Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I have not mastered the fine, fine blogging art of posting pictures and matching labels ... yet - so here are the details on my friends at the Bead & Button show. These are some of my most favorite people that work the show and I was so glad to see them!

First is Kate Richborg of Beaducation an amazing jeweler, then there is Joanne Morash, an incredible lampworker and crafter of earwires and displays extraordinaire, Elisa Sullivan of the Beadin' Path, we have been friends at shows forever, well at least since a long ago NYC show and finally, the person I could not do the show without, Judy Danberg, my worker phenomenal! Plus she puts up with me and is very talented at a zillion things! Man, is it ever fun seeing everyone although I am beat from working before, during and after the show and from the rich dinners and late nights!

Thank you Janet Wolery and Steff Korsage, you two make my every minute fun when I am with you! xo!

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