Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day.

On this Father's Day, I decided to post a picture of my parents taken around the time they were married. I love my mother's gleeful, triumphant look and the solidness of my dad. He has been gone a long time now. Exactly half my life. I knew him, if I ever really knew him; such a short time. I like to think they are together now and happy and peaceful and so in love. I do not cry anymore for the loss of my father. My mother's death, all too fresh in my heart still brings me to quick tears but my dad's passing, so long ago now, has just left a hollowness that will never truly be filled. Indeed, what can replace the emptiness of being parent-less?

I am thankful from my full heart for the men that have graced my life. For my grandfathers, my uncles, my brothers, my husbands, my male friends. We are here so quickly that to have been loved by them and missing those that are gone is the most bittersweet thing in my life.

May men the world over continue to love their children and teach them peace and tolerance and also love the mothers of those children. what a world we could all create.

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