Friday, May 8, 2009

A Horoscope thought leading to an Epiphany

In today's paper my horoscope said, " ....honesty sometimes hurts but it is the only way you can stay true to yourself and eliminate the negative people from your life. " This has happened recently to me. This elimination of negative people or in this case, person. My best friend from childhood has become so negative, mournful of his life, unsympathetic to anyone around him; not willing to listen to any voice but his own; that I stopped calling him, stopped writing, stopped sending him things. He could not see or refused to see the depth of pain I felt over my mother's death and in passing over me in conversations, told me over and over the same stories of his own traumas that I have heard from forever ago. I love him dearly but we had to take a break. I had to eliminate the negative. I never wanted to to tell him this so in the end it became " his " idea and we have stopped communicating. I am still figuring out how to proceed. He is the only person who truly knows me from the child I was. Sad. Sad. For both of us.

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