Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home for Now

Whew, I am home from Portland where the weather warmed up to the mid 80's and the show was fun but slow and it feels good to be here. My dog Regina is ever so happy to see me as she does her happy whine dance around my feet, the cats are delighted to have someone in their house that will twirl feathers for them and even Jacob, who is too mature now for shows of affection, leaned his head against my cheek and just stayed there for a bit. I like my time at home, sometimes too much and I picture myself on a deserted island, adrift in a sea of aloneness and creativity. Endless days of making stuff! Ah, but then I need the public to view my work and have input so out into the world I go to shows, the shop and more. I am pretty tired tonight but I will leave you with a few shots from the show. I was so pleased and delighted to meet someone who reads my blog! If I could add glitter to this sentence and little pink hearts; I would! Thank you! Maybe more to come tomorrow before I throw myself into all the work that must be done for Bead and Button. Gulp! I leave VERY soon! Too soon!

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