Sunday, April 5, 2009

This handsome man ( ! ) on the left in the backwards ball cap is my son who will be 27 years old in 15 minutes, west coast time, which is where he was born so he is still 26 in this time zone. Honestly, gadzooks, how did he get to be 27!? It was yesterday that he was toddling down the hallway and telling me stories of his adventures on the beach. He ate hotdogs and sauerkraut with his dad every Saturday, loved to fish, walked hours with me on the beach, liked to comb my hair and pile jewelry on me, and other wonderful moments in his childhood. I also remember my great sadness and prayerful days as I waited to find out if he would even live after he was born. It was nearly 18 months later that I knew he would grow to adulthood. I spent so much time alone with him that in my journal I wrote that at 4 years old; he was my best friend. It has been such a pleasure, honor and challenge and journey that has not yet ended in being his mother. My most precious child, as I gush this all out for the world to see; I love you more each breath I take. May God bless you with a long and healthy life. Here's to all our children, may we grow with them and love them more every day.

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