Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't know how familiar you all are with my area here but 95% of the traffic coming to PT crosses the Hood Canal Bridge which is closing for extremely needed repairs on May 1st and scheduled to reopen in mid June. Not bad if you are a hermit and like isolation but if you are a business owner, like me, it is not so good! To get here you will need to drive for hours or take 2 ferries and still drive for hours! Anyhow, I will be out doing a bunch of shows to keep myself in the loop and if you are going to place a mail order; now is the time! Mention this blog in the comment section of your order and I will give you a free" waaa - the Hood Canal Bridge is Closed" gift.

Till then, I think this is a funny poster created by the local print shop. At least we can all keep our sense of humor! And hey, it is sunny and warm and beautiful today!!!!!

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