Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Auction Time in PT

This necklace handcrafted by me, of course, is one that I donated to the Port Townsend Mainstreet Program for their on line auction. The auction will be raising funds to assist in the preservation of Mainstrreets in America and in specific Port Townsend's Mainstreet program which has had its budget virtually eliminated by the state. We need to protect our historical and victorian buildings and the way of life in small town, downtown America where giant corporate retailers have all but eliminated mom and pop stores and the places artists and craftspeople can market their work. If you can, make a bid! I won't disappoint you with this necklace and if you are the bid winner; I will throw in matching earrings and my sincerest gratitude. xo, Lois

The address is: Click on Main Street Auction to place a bid.

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