Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Has Sort of Arrived!

Do not get me wrong, I love spring! Not nearly as much as I love cold, winter days but I certainly love it more than the hot, dry days of August! Not much change here in the weather from yesterday to today though.... still very windy and wet!
Of course, from time to time an artist needs new supplies and although I do not splurge on them very often; ( I do have my favorite old standbys ) I did pick up just a few new things to work with.I bought some packages of assorted papers to paint up and draw " artist's trading cards ". Artists trade them around the world through the mail, magazines and the internet. I used to do a similar thing with postcards in the 1990's. I forgot how difficult it is though to work so small. I like big in my works. Now I must think little and still do a good piece. Ahhh, the fun I will have tis spring!
With the spring comes an exciting change to my studio. A new work table! It is one Andrea picked up for me from Costco and it has a heavy duty work top of wood and steel legs. Nice and sturdy for me to do silverwork on! What a great friend!

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