Monday, February 16, 2009

A shot of my display in Tucson. My mega buck eight foott able. Next year I thinkit is time for a new table skirt. It needs to be more like my paintings!
It is past bedtime for me and the tv is still blabbing its' incessant drawl or should I say draw? As it draws me to it and makes me want to stop everything and sit in front of it and just empty my mind of everything and stare into it! In any event, I will soon be heading off to sleep and tonight, I want to dream of happy things and not the sad fact that I miss my mother so much my bones hurt and tears spring to my eyes. A friend says it is because I miss her wisdom and I am no longer anyone's child but the provider of wisdom to those around me and my children. It makes me feel as if I can not make any mistakes or do overs but must lead my own journey and those of my loved ones.

Well, enough of this melancholy pre sleepyness! I have posted another Tucson image and finish the day in gratitude; that the shop was busy and the sun was shining gloriously bright and with the chill in the air, everything seemed fresh and new!

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