Monday, February 23, 2009

I had to go into the shop tonight on this dreary cold, drizzly night to pick out more merchandise to take to my show this weekend. It is always a challenge to figure out what I should take. Will this sell? Do they want that? Anyhow, after spending over an hour doing all this; on the way home on the bluffs along Water Street, I thought I saw a white plastic bag fly up into a small tree perched precariously midway down the bluff. But when I looked into that tree; it was a white owl! How amazing was that? I was and still remain very excited. It must be a good omen! Wish I had a photo to share but I am so pleased I saw it!

Right now it is just pouring outside and it is getting late so off to bed with me and a lovely new people magazine! G'night!

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