Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is a tree in the garden outside my front studio window with a lovely wintering bird in it. This is a funny tree. It looks all normal now and will be so pretty in the early spring and then it looses its' oompf and looks like an autumn tree, slightly discolored, shriveled and dying back by mid summer.
This is a picture of my oldest son, Michael on his Christmas morning so far from here. Isn't he handsome? I have been thinking of him a lot and when he had chicken pox. It was just he and I and he was so very sick! I kept the fire going in the woodstove around the clock because he was so cold.It seemed like he had those spots forever but it could not have been more than 2 weeks.Now I am reliving that experience all these years later with Jacob.
At last! Some sun actually appeared in the sky today! I think it is the first time we have had sunshine in weeks around here. We opened the front door on the building and breathed deeply the fresh air streaming through the lobby. It was wonderful and it seemed as if everyone's spirits lifted.

There is so much to do before leaving for Tucson that I can quickly become stymied and then I just do nothing. Or rather my take on doing nothing which is actaully quite a bit of something. I need to work tomorrow at the shop and then next week it is nose to the grindstone and work, work, work! I sure hope we see more sun tomorrow but for right this moment; I am content to see the stars in the ink black sky.

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