Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is a photo of a drawing that I did my first year in college that I had given my mother. It is all done in graphite stick and was for a family portrait assignment. It features me, my friend Sharon, my cat FeFe and the skeletal hand offering support was my mother. I think she got a charge out of the picture and it is with bittersweetness that I note she kept it all these years in her home. It is also with a mix of pride and pleasure on my part, that my son, Michael asked me if he could keep it. He wanted it! That is ever so wonderful to me! And then again, I wonder what went through my 17 year old head as I created this piece. What kind of artist did I think I would become? Was I pretentious, fearless, imaginative? All I knew then and still really know now is that I wanted to make my living with my art, my creative self. I am and have been doing that. A wonderful blessing to be sure!

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