Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year - New Book - THE GREAT BOOK of JEWELS

This is the last image in the book and features the Crown of saint Wenceslas, which became the piece for the national coronation of the kings of Bohemia. It was most likely inspired by french crowns but is a fine example of medieval metal and stone work. Look at the gems; rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. A total of 91 gems in a fleur de lis pattern. Incredibly fine! Sometimes the old is just the inspiration we need for the new!
This is a rosary from the 15th century that features opening agate beads with tiny enameled images inside that show in relief, the life of Christ. I am enchanted with this piece and struck by the quality of the workmanship from such a long, long time ago. Amazing what could be done with such primitive tools,too.
This is an image from the book and you can see how well done the color plates are. Much detail has been captured in the photos.
This is a book that Kathy gave me today from her family. It was written in 1974 by Ernst and Jean Heiniger and is a treasure trove of historical and contemporary ( to 1974 ) jewlery pictures. It even has pieces designed by Picasso, Calder and Dali. I think I will find it inspirational for a very long time and I need to say Thanks! and I love this book!Inside the cover is a book plate placed by Marchine Dexter, the book's original owner, that says, " Nurture the tree of knowledge to regain the Kingdom. " I like this thought.

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