Tuesday, January 6, 2009

As I was waiting for Andrea to pick me up to begin our luncheon day together; I ran around and took a bunch pf photos around the house. This one painting, long since sold, of my very festive crow made it into a poster for a solo gallery exhibit I was doing.

The second painting titled, " when the yellow brick road leads to a house with no doors " is one that Phil bought from another gallery show I did. He said it was the first original artwork he ever purchased and I secretly think he bought it to impress me. I usually do not hang my own artwork in the house. If I look at it too much, I never feel it is done and I always want to tweak it!

These are on a funny angle because I could not face them straight on in my hallway and I was just too lazy to move them into a more open area.

By the way, our day was great fun and we had a wonderful lunch, delicious ice cream and it was so good being with Andrea and Christine again! I would love to have a sister relationship like theirs! Maybe the next lifetime! xo, Lois

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