Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh my gosh! We are just home from the DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE and NEIL YOUNG concert in Everett and all I can say is, " WOW! ". It was screamingly fantastic and I just about swooned in my seat with how fantastic the music was. It vibrated right through to the very soul of my core! Did I take any pictures? Of course not. Did I buy any souvenirs? Of course not. Did I rock on like I was 18? You bet!!!!! Did I yell and scream and whistle and dance? You bet!!! Wow, what a terrific time! Then even better, I met Chris' parents the next morning at breakfast! He is the guitarist for Death Cab. Fabulous meeting them. We had a wonderful, wonderful time and now I am ready to go again! Love, Lois

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