Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall is definitely in the air around here today. It is in the drenching rain, the occasional mist and the howling 40 mile per hour winds. It is the northwest version of fall. We had a few pretty leaves on some of the maples and alders around here but now in this wind, like Mary Poppins, they are gone. I will miss all the brilliant reds, yellows and oranges; their time here way too brief. The other thing that tells me it is the fall of 2008 are the spiders. Spiders everywhere! On the house, in the house, lurking at the edge of the doorway to the studio and warehouse, everywhere! I can not step into the shower or walk into the garage and not see one of those many legged demons! I realize the universe has a purpose for them but I do not like them! I DO NOT! We can have huge spiders. Some of them are so big they look like moving multi legged toupees! Yick! When winter finally comes in ( yes, with even more rain and wind but colder temperatures ) they will disappear from sight, hidden in their dark underworld to spider their way into the garden in the spring. Good riddance I say!

Now, after all this rambling and ranting; I have finished a new painting, as yet, untitled. It is of trees and rivers at the edge of civilization. I think I like the colors and of course, the spiral flowers in the lower portion of the painting.

Off to dreamland, I think. I really should not eat chocolate so close to bedtime; it keeps me way too perky and chatty! xo, Lois

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