Saturday, September 13, 2008

Politics! Here we have a party that has run the country literally into the ground and still people think John McCain and his vice presidential candidate ( I can not EVEN write her name let alone say it ) are worth voting for! I promised myself, half heartedly, that I would not mention politics on my blog but I can not stand by and watch the country continue into the meltdown that we are experiencing today! Here we have the border patrol stopping citizens on the streets of PT and asking to search their belongings or asking for ID and people comply and say that this policy is protecting us from terrorism! Has no one heard of the 4th ammendment? Illegal search and seizure without warrents. And what has our illustrious border patrol done for us in all the money they have spent in the last month? They caught 13 illegal immigrants, one of them a 15 year old high school football hero and smart ( ! ) kid and 2 people on bench warrants ( DUI ). Boy ! Do I feel safer!

Honestly, I will try to limit my tirades here and practice what I preach. Take a deep breath, and practice hope..... Lois

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