Friday, August 15, 2008

for the moment ...

... my laptop is working and I can perhaps post a thought or two, maybe even a picture! It was hot here today, not a pretty, feminine hot either but a sweaty, beads stick to my skin I don't want to wear or do anything kind of hot! I did not even go into the shop today as Kathy said the lobby was 86 degrees ( ! ) when she came into work! I am not a pleasant person in the deep sweaty heat of August. Worse, tomorrow is to be even hotter. I should not complain though as we do not get hot here that often, thank goodness! Tourists always say, " why,this isn't hot you should be at my home in Alabama or New York or anywhere but here. " If I wanted to experience that kind of hot; I would live there. Thank you kindly, but I will just stay here ... for now!

I found these paintings while surfing the net and I like them even though I am not quite sure why! Wishing you a cool and pleasant tomorrow, Lois

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