Saturday, July 26, 2008


I was going to post last night but after my first L-O-N-G day at work since Phil had his kidney stone last week; I was just too tired! But .... I wanted to write down some marvelous things about yesterday.

First a customer that has been shopping with me for all 16 years I have had the shop and is now an old bent man stopped in to have me make up a pair of lapis earrings for him and when I told him the charge was $ 1.65, he gave me a ten and said keep the chnage. When I protested he said I've got it now you get it!

Then my friend Marlene stopped in for a visit and ending up bying me lunch after a great conversation. What a treat! A little bit later a customer stopped in with her husband, they have actually been customers for many years and we had time to talk. It turns out that her brother, who recently passed away much too young, was someone I always regarded as a hero for my family and me. Years ago, maybe 1989, during a horrendous storm in Port Townsend, when I lived with my ex husband at Beckett Point; our cousin's bulkhead at the cabin next door washed out during the storm surge. If we could not get heavy equipment in there to put in some rip rap; we would have lost our home. All the local contractors said no, including Jerry. When things became even more bleak, I called him back to ask why and that's when he admitted he needed a babysitter, his wife went shopping. So I said, I'll be right over. Wait, he said, I don't know you! Yes, I said, you do because you have known my inlaws forever and went to school with my then husband. He said ok and we switched places and he did the work and saved our home! My hero! When I told his sister this story yesterday, she cried a bit and said he was her hero,too! That absolutely made my heart swell! We grasped hands and were instantly bonded in our love and admiration for Jerry!

Finally, Jim from Ichikawa, called. ( It's the best japanese restaurant ever !) and asked if I would be around for a couple of hours. I said sure so about 3 hours later he comes to the shop with a bag of bottle caps he'd saved for me and sushi with grilled prawns! I gave them to poor, stuck at home Phil and he lapsed into a coma from how delicious they were!

All in all, this is a long post especially without pictures but it was such a sweet. loving, wonderful day. Ahhh, makes a girl glad to be alive! with love, Lois

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