Wednesday, July 9, 2008

People That I Adore

This is a photo of two people that began as my landlords and became friends. Coila owns the McCurdy building in town and I have an " office/artwork storage " space in her building. I have had this little funky space for probably 20 years?! Keith used to own the James & Hastings Building in town where my shops are located but he had this crazy idea to retire!! First to Costa Rica and then to Panama then to the island of Tobago where he lives in a marvelous home overlooking the water. He would like me to visit but he has big, I mean BIG spiders down there. I do NOT like spiders especially spiders in the same zip code as me! As much as I would like to visit Panama there are plenty of spiders here in my own backyard with out flying halfway down the globe. Just no Keith in the backyard. He has been an invaluable source of business advice for me over the many years I have known him.

We all had a great dinner at my place on Sunday night and Phil made a fabulous pot roast. Good old fashioned cooking! Keith brought ice cream for Jacob who is a bottomless freezer space designed to hold ice cream and Cila came with a special bottle of red wine.

What a great evening! Til next time, Lois

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