Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity - Jog!

This is a picture of Regina doing her happy dog roll that I am home and in the studio! I am happy to be home, too and breathe the fresh, wet tornado free air of Port Townsend. Of course, a thousand things await and my head is swimming with new ideas for my work and the shops. It was a great show, better than last year and I do love seeing all my friends. I had a wonderful time with Heidi and Jodi from Lilly Pilly as my neighbors and a special thanks to he-man, Mike Fantz for helping me with my luggage at the airports! Nudge -nudge, wink wink :) I also enjoyed the dinner with Mike and Andrea and Whit and Judy at the Thai Palace. Mmmm - never heard of warm Saki but the next time I don't think I will fall fast asleep, face first on the restaurant table; I am going to try it. More later on my wonderful show treasures! yippee - yippee - I am home! xxoo,Lois
p.s. If you are reading this Clara, note that the sentences are complete, punctuated correctly and I even think the spelling is perfect!! Ha HA!

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