Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

I am working like mad for the Bead & Button show! Trying to get together charms, jewelry and bead treasures that no one else will have. I also have to plan ahead of course, to what projects I am taking on the trip with me. What knitting? Which journal? Which sketchbook? Maybe Andrea will even let me post to my blog from her computer since I never travel with mine.

I am just going to post a couple of blooming pictures for you because I never get tired of seeing the things growing in my yard! Oh, and the little playhouse behind the flowering apple tree? That is going to be my new planting shed. Phil has aready hung cabinets in them for me! After these three hot days here and all the rain before that; EVERYTHING is growing like crazy! Very pretty! Especially my moundof wallflowers. I will someday make a charm of them. xx00, End the war now, Send the troops home! Lois

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