Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

On this day of remembrance, I am thinking of my father who died in 1983 and the service he gave his country. I do not know much about his time in the SeaBees during WWII except that he went to Japan to rebuild immediately after the war. I am honored by the service he gave his country, honored by the service from both my husbands as they were also in the Navy during war and peace times. My wish for this day would be that no other mother's child, man or woman, would ever, ever have to fight in a war or battle again.

I also want the retired and disabled service members to get the very best medical care and never have to want for this care. We need to provide for them. I hope in my lifetime, another veteran never has to live on the streets again or die from neglect or poor medical care.

Above all on this day of thanks, prayer and remembering; I want peace on this planet forever more.


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