Friday, May 2, 2008

Just a Quick Hello as I ....

Mmmm ... I have the house all to myself! As much as I love my family, it is so nice to have the place to myself and operate on my time schedule! I run in and out of the studio, office and house. I have the TVs on and the stereo and my mind is leaping around at all I want to do this afternoon and evening! I fell so much freer when no one is here except my faithful guard dog, Regina. It's a bit cold and gray right now so I think I shall have a nice cup of hot tea, decaff of course, some choclate covered raisins and a enjoy a full, uninterrupted TV show!

To entertain you, I am posting a picture of some of my resin pieces. I will be offering finished ones and ones for you to do yourself at the Bead & Button show next month. They are great fun to fill. Have a great evening and Andrea, eat german chocolate for me, please!! Lois

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