Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Picture

Just a quick blog in tonight. I'm not sure why but this picture of my feet and my lovely pedicured toes taken on the railroad bridge over the Dungeness River; ( did I give you enough description? ) makes me smile! I think it is because my feet are striped with the sandal straps and I have this thing for dark and contrasting stripes. They turn up all the time in my paintings and even in my charm designs.

There was a bit of sun today but snow ( !!!! ) is in the forecast so the weather could all change again. I felt sorry for Jacob, the young guy working on my walkways when it was cold and drizzly yesterday but he just said the weather was a piece of cake, he also works on a fishing boat in Alaska! I suspect the day felt balmy to him. My walkway is all outlined and looks like a Dr. Suess path. I will get pictures posted soon. Have a great night - Lois

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