Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Picture to Hold Your Interest!

I am at a loss! Yesterday, I could not get into my studio because of the concrete pour and now the great concrete cure! I can't get to my camera, my beads, my silversmithing, my drawings, my journal, my everything! I am lost! Yesterday, with the housekeeper here; I couldn't even veg and knit in front of the great TV mind emptier. So what, you may ask did I do? On a day off so to speak!? First I had a pedicure, ran errands, grumped at city hall, ate lunch out and STILL had the rest of the day to while away! I headed to Andrea's where we took a drive ( hmmm ... helicopter moving creosote logs off the fort's beach ) after getting ice tea and chocolate cookies, then back for more tea and dinner ingredients and then some silver fusing in her studio ( I learned something and exercised this old brain! ) and then we had a wonderful dinner originally promised to Andrea's dad ( sorry Armand - NOT! ) and then watched the Rise of the Silver Surfer a Fantastic 4 movie, that Jake loved, then strawberry shortcake ( 3 servings for Jake ) and then home to Men in Trees ( yum - love that Cash guy ! ) and then today, I STILL can not get into the studio! Sigh....

This is a photo of Jacob showing his cat at the cat show. It is for Andrea and Whit so they can see how it is done! HAHA, Thanks for dinner! Lois

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Andrea Guarino-Slemmons said...

Jake you are not, repeat not getting Towanda!!!!!!! MEOW!!!!!