Sunday, April 20, 2008

April What ( ! ) Brings May Flowers?

What a surprise! This is our third day of on and off snow storms. This is April with a twist, a vengence, a dang,it's cold out here kind of month! I like it though as long as we get a spot of sun now and then. It's a great day to spend in the studio although the snow does scare off less hardy customers from the shop. They must all stay home and create, too. Hmmm - I have a small comfort zone weather wise so hot days do not appeal to me and cold days do. This day fit right into my I like it cold days. A little more sun and venturing customers would be good for the soul and pocketbook.

Don't you love the little dinosaur that Jake snuck into the hole in one of my garden rocks? He is so cute covered in snow and Jake thought I did not even notice this cold blooded beast in my garden! Ha! He has been there a long time but now the poor guy needs to hibernate. I am making a dive for my down comforter and a fast People magazine read. Nighty nite! Lois

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