Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home from Oahu, Hawaii

I am home to sunny skies and what has been described as the warmest temperatures since I left! Lucky me! Rain, gray and even snow is on the horizon for Tuesday this week so it will really feel like I am home. It felt great to be in my studio and catch up on my journaling, creating and beading. Nose to the grindstone time as Tucson looms around the bend!!! Gotta get those charms all ready!

I am also posting a picture from Hawaii of a religious site that was very interesting and historical. Unlike the great Cathedrals of Europe and the churches of the states; the Hawaiians built their temples and places of worship with the materials at hand, rocks. Lots of rocks. Carried sometimes for miles and often up hill. Very impressive! A little altar at the site had offerings of fruit, flowers and beads upon it. I will head back this way again some day.
For now, I am happy to be home! Lois

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