Friday, January 25, 2008

From the Studio

Here is a quick sneak preview of a few of the new charms that I am getting ready for Tucson. These still need the final polishing and finishing but as you can see ( I know, barely see ) I did a lot of rings and prints. I will be doing charms next of my most recent trip to Hawaii and who knows how Tucson will inspire new designs! I am putting in long days in the studio but I think it will be worth it all when the work is done. On to jewelry displays next!

I thought you might also like to see a photo of a finished metal tray I painted in the german folk art technique of Baulinmaleri. I hope I spelled that correctly! I love painting functional objects in traditional folk arts from many countries around the world. This was an old, old tray that I stripped of paint and wire brushed to get the surface ready to take paint. I think the colors just sing!

I'll show you more later!

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Our Neck of the Wood's said...

Love the tray! good luck in Tucson