Sunday, December 16, 2007

Finally! We have some sort of ferry service back in PT! A foot ferry is running 4 times a day between PT and Seattle at a super reasonable price in a 90 minute crossing. That should bring some tourists here for the holidays. Then we have a small private boat running between Whidbey Island and us that is also a walk on. Hopefully a fifty car ferry will be here at the end of January and a new boat built and running in 18 months. It is about time the state stopped playing with our lives and realized our 80 year old steel electric ferries needed replacemet and we needed ferry service!! Politics!! UGH!!
So here's for a busier shopping season for my stores and studio. Now I may have to ride the ferry to Seattle or Whidbey myself. I hear in our winds that the ride can get a little rough and I LOVE a wild boat ride! Lois

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