Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I was feeling pretty good tonight until I came home and saw a small white cardboard box on the kitchen counter and I asked, " what is this? " and my husband answered, " Marmalade". I almost lost the brave front I had been putting on for Jacob when I realized our bright, loving orange kitty was in that box! I could cry for hours!

Anyway, I am cheered by the thought that Andrea is going to make a bead from some of the ashes so we can always have Marmy near us.

The happiest thing about today is that we have Christmas lights up all around the outside of the house. Nice multicolored twinkly lights! We are going to add even more tomorrow. Everytime I look at them; I think, " why don't we leave them up all the time? " They are so catch your breath beautiful! Ahhh ... the holidays and the things I have loved all my life! Lois

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